If you wish to learn more about the Bright Lights Book Project, donate books, volunteer, or if you are interested in setting up and maintaining a book distribution center in your community, send an email to: director@brightlightsbookproject.org
You can see Alys's website here: www.alysculhane.com

Ouir location at the Eagle Hotel in Palmer

Stocking bookcases at the Koslosky building

The Bright Lights Book Project accepts donated books

Most of the books we distribute are placed on public bookcases around Palmer and Wasilla. Although eventually just about any book will be taken by an appreciative reader, we’ve learned from experience that some books sit on the shelves for a long time and take up space that could be given to a book that more people want. We also have limited space at our book storage facility (we’re not a library). Therefore, we’ve compiled the list below of what books we can accept as a donation and what books we must decline.

If you are interested in donating books, contact Alys at this email address: director@brightlightsbookproject.org

Books we can take as a donation:

  • Children’s books, but no textbooks
  • Most fiction, but no bodice romances or erotica
  • Political books written by or about politicians, but no political books written by radio personalities or others with strong opinions
  • Car repair and other repair books
  • Most nonfiction other than what’s listed below
  • Nice cookbooks in good condition and genre specific and collectable cookbooks
  • Gardening and crafts books
  • Older and rare books

Books we CANNOT take as a donation:

  • Encyclopedias
  • Textbooks
  • Computer books more than 3 years old
  • Coloring or Activity books
  • Audio books or videos
  • Self-help books
  • Books on how to succeed in business and finance
  • Religious other than history
  • Political books written by radio personalities or others with strong opinions
  • Bodice romances or erotica
  • Books that are moldy, smoking (including cigarette smoke), or water damaged
  • Company specific cookbooks such as Costco cookbooks
  • Get rich quick or get thin fast books

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